The scaffold has been erected to the front and rear of the property, allowing full access to the exterior of the building. This has enabled the design team and a number of other professionals to undertake the first phase of work in the pilot project. This initial phase of work has been entirely based on understanding and measuring the existing windows. The following investigative works have been undertaken:

MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) have carried out a detailed photographic survey of the existing windows
BRE (Building Research Establishment) have carried out their initial airtightness testing of the overall flat and the existing window (including smoke investigation), thermographic survey of the windows and internal and external acoustic testing.
Build Check have carried out water tightness testing on the existing window frames.

This work will enable the design team to more fully understand the condition and performance of the existing windows and give a bench mark to measure the performance of the vacuum glazing, double glazing and triple glazing against.

The next phase of works will include removing the existing single glazing to measure and template for the vacuum glass and then to start the process of stripping the paint from the existing frames to establish the condition of the timber.

You can follow the Pilot Project journey here:

Summer 2023 Pilot Project Update