The Crescent House Pilot Project was commissioned following various discussions between Crescent House residents, elected members, and the City of London Corporation project team. Carrying out the proposed works on a vacant flat, the pilot project aimed to establish the full condition of the substructures, allow residents to see in-person the windows and glazing options, and provide a reliable cost estimate to the major stakeholders.

Since its onset, significant progress has been made on the project. This includes:

All the glazing sourced from Landvac has been installed.

All the windows have been installed.

The trickle vent has been fixed.

The flat is currently being gutted to be used as temporary accommodation while resident flats are being renovated.

To be ready 2 weeks from now.

Ready for viewings from October 23rd.


Next Steps:

Following the completion of the pilot project, the flat will be opened for viewings. The Crescent House Resident’s Liaison Group, in addition to Crescent House residents, will be prioritised for viewings.

The viewings will be arranged via a system of time slots, with 8 to 10 people viewing at a time to ensure a smooth experience for all parties involved.

Once viewings and the relevant surveys have been carried out, the City of London Corporation will submit a planning application, with the hopes of getting it into committee for December 12th.


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