Here you can find all the project documents - such as technical reports, condition surveys, and other miscellaneous documents.

 Ventilation diagrams Studio Partington, September 2023

 Acoustic Testing, Air Tightness Testing, Smoke Audit and Thermography Survey BRE, March 2023

 Water Tightness Test Buildcheck, March 2023

 Archaeological Photographic Survey MOLA, February 2023

 Crescent House Windows Appraisal Report Studio Partington, January 2023

 Embodied and operational carbon assessment XCO2 Energy, December 2022

 Acoustic Report Aecom, June 2022

 Energy, Carbon and Thermal Comfort Strategy Etude, July 2021

 Windows Condition Survey Hallas, March 2020

 Statement of Significance The Heritage Advisory, October 2020

 Wood survey BM TRADA, May 2019


Here are the project boards created by the architects for our consultation events

 Crescent House Pilot Project Studio Partington, November 2023

 Architect boards Studio Partington, April 2023

 Technical Issues Consultation Studio Partington, September 2021